our courses

We  offer courses that run for 3months, six months and nine months + 1Month internship

Professional computer User (Secretary)

Here you will study the following  modules; Concepts of ICT, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher and Information and Communication. ,Duration : 3 months or 9 months for National Diploma

Cost: 75.000frs

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Computer Maintenance & Repairs

This is a 9months course for National Diploma and 1 year if studied as apprenticeship.

Cost: 200.000Frs

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graphic design

Here you will study  adobe Photoshop.

Duration : 9 months vocational training. prepare you for the National Diploma

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web design

This course will enable you design professional websites in just a few months. the coursae will prepare you fore a National Diploma in Webmaster. Contents includw HTML, CSS and a bit of Java. You will also deeply understand Content Management systema like WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Cost: 250.000frs

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Computer Networking

Computer Networking forms the foundation of any current organisation. Here we train you on CompTIA N+ or Cisco Courseware to prepare you for the respective certifications or the National diploma. Duration is 9months for national Diploma candidates and 6months for International Certifications. Fees vary, contact us for details

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Application Development

Learn to code with low level languages c, c++, to high level languages like java, python etc. Duration 9months.

Fees Vary, contact us for details.

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